Take Home Pay Calculator

Your daily rate could vary on contract basis, so a quick way of checking what you might take home is essential. Here is a handy tool that helps estimating your monthly take home pay based on income, expenses, pension contributions, salary and dividends.

Total take home per month is 
  which is 
of total income.
Contractor Income Breakdown:
Gross salary
PAYE on Salary
NIC on Salary
Net salary
Gross Dividends
Tax on Dividends
Net Dividends
Net Salary
Net Dividends
Pension Contributions
Total Income After Taxes
Company Income And Expenses Breakdown:
Monthly take home
Take home as percentage of annual income
Annual income
Flat rate VAT saving
Use of home as office
Pension contributions
Other expenses
Accountancy fees
Employers NIC
Pre Tax Profit
Corporation Tax
Post Tax Profit
Declared Dividends
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Valid for tax year 2019-20. Assumes no others sources of income for the contractor. Based on income/expenses as detailed. The calculation includes a use of home allowance and accountancy fees, which may vary depending on chosen package and usage levels.


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